Stephen noon MR.


Welcome to my website. I hope that by reading some of these pages you find out a bit more about me, Stephen Noon; about the city and country I live in, Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland; and about my life views, my politics and my interests.

I’ve worked for the Scottish National Party for much of the last 15 years, in the House of Commons, Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government. Most recently on policy, message and the SNP manifesto for our successful 2011 election. I now work for Yes Scotland, the campaign for a Yes vote in the 2014 referendum on whether Scotland should be independent. If you want to find out more follow the ‘politics’ link above.

I’ve just finished an LLM by Research at the University of Edinburgh, looking at the interaction between European law and international law. This Masters programme was the precursor to a PhD on the legal issues around internal enlargement of the EU: so called ‘Independence in Europe’. I started the PhD in October 2011, with my initial focus on the domestic law considerations. I’ll put research updates and my developing thoughts in the ‘studies’ section, again with the link above.

You can follow my blog or podcasts. And please sign up for my twitter feeds via the ‘tweets’ link in the menu bar. The blog and podcasts will cover a range of issues from Scottish politics, the benefits of independence and Yes Scotland to the Festivals, fitness and my studies in European law. Twitter will be a bit more random.


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